Published on: Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Insurance Superintendent Strongly Recommends That Mainers Check Doctors, Hospitals and Other Health Providers in the Plan Network

Maine Bureau of Insurance (02/25/14)

Maine Insurance Superintendent Eric Cioppa is encouraging Mainers enrolling in a new health insurance plan to clarify whether or not their providers of choice are part of the plan’s network, before finalizing their purchase. “I urge people to call both the insurance company and their healthcare provider to verify that the provider will be covered under the specific plan being considered,” Superintendent Cioppa said. “Mainers should understand that a provider may be contracted by an insurance company under one plan, but not under another.” Cioppa noted that charges for medical services from a provider that is not in the plan network do not apply to the annual out of pocket maximum of $6,350 under the federal health law, which may add expenses for enrollees who use out of network providers.

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