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Our commitment to providing timely news and information keeps the Newsdesk open long hours.

With a news tip or other time-sensitive matter, reach the LID Newsdesk, even after business hours, at (202) 540-0013, or by e-mail, at newsdesk@bizlawnews.com.

General inquiries are handled during our business hours:

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 7 pm ET
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Comments & Suggestions

To make general comments and suggestions, a site-feedback form is available in the page footer.

To reach an editor, e-mail newsdesk@bizlawnews.com.

During business hours, allow an hour response time, please. With matters requiring immediate assistance, kindly dial (202) 540-0013.



Law & Industry Daily is committed to fairness, accuracy and completeness in its reporting.

Our policy is to promptly correct errors. Corrections of erroneous information and/or clarifications appear at the bottom of the original report.

If you believe a story contains a significant omission or error of fact, e-mail corrections@bizlawnews.com or call (202) 540-0013.


Press Releases

Press releases and official statements to the media should be e-mailed to releases@bizlawnews.com.

See our submission guidelines page for additional information.


Guest Posts & Op-eds

Readers are encouraged to comment on news articles and opinion pieces by logging into the site and submitting an online comment.

More formal, lengthier content submissions, too, are welcome.

Consult our submission guidelines on commentary or analysis works of 500-1,500 words or more.


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